Are You Committed To Your Marriage?

By | August 2, 2009

marriage-commitment-love-relationshipIn my practice as a therapist I often work with couples that are seeking help with their relationship to one another. Old patterns of conflict, struggles with in-laws, insecurities that erupt into verbally caustic battles are often what lead them to seek help. They would not land in session if they were not committed on some level to each other, thus they seek profession guidance to repair and mend their relationship. The culture we live, interact, and engage with daily is often governed by a throwaway mentality. For example, when was the last time you had a pair of shoes repaired? If it comes undone, torn, or worn we get a new one. The social context we live in has made it fairly easy to give up on all kinds of things, including marriage and the commitment in the marriage. The things we struggle with, work at, and dedicate ourselves to are the things we hold dearest to our hearts. The union and bonding that occurs in rich fulfilling marriages can not be manifest in written word, it can most often only be felt.Committed husbands and wives in a marriage relationship may initially just want to have a calm happy marriage, but over time as they pour in their hopes, dreams, and hearts to their marriage, their expectations lift to new heights. They don’t settle for just a “good enough marriage,” they strive for excellence. Committed partners nourish their marriage by service, affection, kindness, and intimacy. If your marriage is in need of mending, don’t throw it away. Instead, size up your commitment and start today to work on building what you started, you’ll find that it is possible yet does take patience and work.

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