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Family Vacations: Buy Experiences, Not Things

By | June 19, 2015

Getting out of the house and taking a vacation is an excellent way to spend some quality time with your family and unwind from the humdrum of everyday life. It’s easy to get into routines and just as easy to let the summer slip without the memories you’d really wish you had. If you plan […]

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5 Signs Of A Healthy Couple Relationship

By | November 28, 2014

couple on lawn kissing healthy relationship

How do you know if your relationship is healthy? People often try and find out what is healthy based on what they experienced in their previous relationships. Consciously or not, they often determine health based on what they experienced when growing up in their family of origin. There are many indicators that would help show […]

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Talking To Your Child About A Crime In Your Area

By | September 12, 2014

st george bank robbery zions bank utah

Information about a crime or tragedy in the neighborhood can spread in seconds with the technology and electronic web of how we share, update, and communicate with each other. The bank robbery today in St. George Utah at Zions National Bank prompted schools to send me automated texts about the imposed lockdown, middle schoolers and high […]

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Back To School: Staying Connected To Your Teen

By | September 4, 2014

counselor teenager teen therapist justin stum

We live in a world that thrives on instant gratification. The prevalence of mobile devices and tablets provides a forum of content on demand. Unfortunately, although we have a plethora of facts at our fingertips with our trusty smart phones, the answers to our complex social questions and emotional quandaries are not always so instantaneous. As […]

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Look Where You Want To Go : Keep Showing Up!

By | August 26, 2014

                            She did 31 full Ironman’s before she won one of them. She won the Ultraman 6.2 mile swim, 260 mile bike, and double marathon 52.4 mile run, she is Hillary Biscay. “Look where you want to go, keep showing up … you’ll […]

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The Family Solution: Experiential Family Treatment in St George Utah

By | July 15, 2014

Outpatient therapy can and is very helpful for teens and parents to work through issues and patterns that often change the entire family’s functioning. At times, it can be so complicated at home that parents consider an out of home placement. Placing your child out of the home can be a good option for many […]

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Relationships and Perception: Are You Sure?

By | June 23, 2011

I work with individuals and couples weekly that seek help in my office for relationship challenges. Some arrive due to issues of trust and infidelity while others are seeking answers to issues that stem from their families they grew up in. Most individuals, healthy or not, seem to battle or engage in a phenomenon that […]

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Healthy Relationships & Ways of Being

By | April 28, 2011

build a relationship help avoid divorce strengthen marriage counselor

People are complex individuals with their histories, hopes, and habits. When two individuals come together in any relationship, married or not, they are combining two unique lives to form something complex yet beautiful. The assumptions and beliefs of both of those individuals also come together to influence the relationship. It’s important to honor that with […]

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How Do I Know If I Need Couples or Marriage Counseling?

By | January 29, 2010

Often individuals feel they may be candidates for counseling but are not sure and don’t want to make things worse. I have had many clients that reported being worried prior to coming in for counseling that they might make things worse if they stirred things up and spoke out about their marriage and the issues […]

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Insecurity: The Fuel of Relational Conflict

By | December 20, 2009

One of the core components of reactivity and defensiveness is personal insecurity. I work with individuals that often share how family or friends are often reactive relative to them. The difficulty with defensive individuals is that they feel they are just protecting themselves from another, that their defensiveness with their spouse or teen or coworker […]

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