Confidentiality – How It Works in Therapy

By | June 5, 2009

privacy confidentiality counseling privateOften clients ask, “Are the things I talk about in counseling kept confidential? The answer is “yes.” As the patient you have the right to have absolute privacy and confidentiality in counseling with me. This means that without your explicit consent, I am prevented from discussing information you share during your sessions with anyone else other than those in the session. Your being aware of how confidentiality and the nature of client-therapist relationship can help you trust and feel safe knowing that anything you share will remain private and confidential.Are there any times you do disclose information I share in session to anyone? As a clinician and licensed mental health professional, I am obligated to inform the proper persons and/or authorities if, in my judgment, I determine a patient may harm to self or others. Strict confidentiality is maintained except in cases where their is disclosure of child abuse or neglect and if one has intentions of harming themselves or others.

Please feel free to discuss with me any concerns you have regarding the confidentiality. I’d be more than willing to discuss them with you. I make every effort possible to not only maintain privacy but safeguard confidentiality. As a therapist in a small community, that of Southern Utah, it is imperative that you have safe therapeutic space within which you can engage in counseling without fear of running into those you know or being in a waiting room uncomfortable. I make every effort possible to stagger sessions so that clients are comfortable, safe, and in a trusting environment.

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