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online counseling skype facetime telephone therapyI offer private consulting phone, skype, or facetime sessions can be purchased by the hour and focused to your individual needs. All private counseling phone sessions are confidential and based on the reasons and issues that bring you to need clinical counseling. I have provided in-person and phone/online counseling for the past 13 years to clients around the world. Areas as far away as India to small rural areas of Virginia USA.

I have been assisting thousands of people at this point on a personal journey of self-discovery and healing. Are you having troubles resolving conflict and strengthening relationships or decreasing symptoms of depression or anxiety? Possibly finding solutions for addictive behavior, increasing feelings of self-worth, or grieving losses or marriage conflict? Therapy helps you gain greater understanding and awareness of yourself. I am passionate about helping people improve individual, couple and family relationships and I believe that a safe, comfortable and confidential environment is important in that process.

My style is warm, compassionate and direct. I promote conversations that respect your values, goals, & perspectives. I believe all can live a life full of joy, meaning, and intimacy. I’m nationally recognized and specialize in treating relationship issues, healing depression and anxiety, treating trauma/loss, and helping overcome addictions.

If you’re unhappy with your life or the way you are living, I can assist you in finding guidance and answers. Please contact me by phone or email if you’ve any questions about therapy, to make an appointment, or review my qualifications. I look forward to meeting you!

If you would like to schedule a session by phone, Skype, or Facetime please contact me. The cost for video conference session is $135.00 per session payable by credit card.

Often individuals cannot find help and support through an licensed counselor and therapist who is an expert in relationships in their immediate community. One of the things that I offer his phone consultations, face-to-face Skype video counseling calls (Mac and PC) and FaceTime conference tablet, iPhone, or mac computers.


I believe strongly that the nature of the fit and the relationship between the therapist and the client is one of the most significant and determining factors with respect to change and an individual’s ability to gain insight. I have had clients as far away as India and other clients as local as those within my own state. I’ve been able to witness firsthand the insights, the growth, and newfound hope that has brought so much peace and harmony in the relationships of those who I’ve counseled.


If you have any questions or would like to visit with me by phone or Skype or face time to discuss the possibility of working with me as a client I would be happy to visit with you, simply send me an e-mail at or call me direct at 435.574.9193.