Therapy Sessions
The fee for a 55 minute therapy session is $120. Payment by cash, check, credit card, health savings card, flex card, or medical benefits cards are accepted at the time of your session. I also bill 3rd parties when/if they are paying for your session as well.
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Phone Consultation

Please feel free to call my office at any time to inquire about my services or setup an appointment. I typically return calls and email same day, and if not, generally within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.

I provide counseling on a fee-for-service basis. I collect the session cost at the end of each session, either by cash, check, or credit card. If you would like to consider working with your insurance company please read the information below.

SelectHealth, BlueCross, United, Altius, Aetna, etc
I highly suggest any clients with insurance use that benefit to keep the cost of therapy down. If you would like to use your insurance company such as those listed above I can provide you with documentation of your sessions. It is then your responsibility to then submit that information, which I provide on letterhead and ready for submission to your insurance company, and they can reimburse you. It’s easy to do and my of my clients do so to collect from their insurance company. Your being reimbursed is between you and your insurance provider directly. Almost all clients I work with have a deductible, meaning that you have to pay for the first few sessions out-of-pocket regardless of your plan before insurance will then reimburse you for any sessions. This would be the case no matter what therapist you see. This is common with almost all insurance companies on almost all plans for mental health treatment.

I do not guarantee reimbursement by your company but do provide you with the paperwork to submit to your insurance company. Your being reimbursed by your insurance company for sessions is up to you and your insurance company and the plan specifics you have with your individual plan. I don’t submit the paperwork, that is the client’s responsibility.

If you would like to find out if your insurance company will cover your sessions and how much they will cover you can call them and ask the following questions …

-Do I have mental health benefits or coverage?
-Can I seen an out-of-network therapist?
-Do I have an out of pocket amount I have to meet before my benefits kick in?
-What percentage of the session does my insurance pay? (80/20 or 50/50 or)
-How many sessions do I get per calendar year?
-Do I have to get prior authorization before I see the therapist?

I do not accept Medicaid or Medicare.