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St George Utah Counselor Therapist Justin StumEducation & Clinical Training

Owner/Clinical Director, Private Practice, in practice 13 years
Clinical Masters Degree Marriage and Family Therapy – University of Kentucky
– Bachelors of Science – Family Studies – Brigham Young University

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Justin Stum, MS LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

History & Practice

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and owner of my private practice in St George, Utah. I have been assisting many men, women, teens, and couples through relationship healing for the past 13 years. I have also conducted group therapy for chemical dependency, pornography addiction, and other men’s groups while in practice here in Southern Utah. Many of my clients deal with addictions, chronic relational conflict, marital issues and infidelity, depression, anxiety, and divorce. I have additional clinical training in working with addictions that impact couples and families, such as pornography and sexual addiction as well as chemical addictions. The aforementioned areas are all areas that I am proficient and deal with weekly with my clients.

I have served as part-time faculty teaching university classes on relationships, spoken at several national and regional conferences, and lead seminars and workshops on relationships. I currently operate and own my own practice and have for many years helping individuals, couples, teens, and families find answers, hope, and healing in themselves and their relationships. I serve all of Southern Utah including St. George, Washington, Hurricane, La Verkin, Santa Clara, Enterprise, Cedar City and surrounding areas of Utah. At times I will have clients from Mesquite, Nevada and areas outside of Utah.


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Regional Conference Presentations:

(2016) Emotionally Sound Couple Relationships, St. George Utah. Seminar with Free 2 Feed Women’s group.

(2014) Single, Divorced, & Widowed Mothers Conference, St. George Utah. Led and facilitated seminar, Finding Meaning and Wholeness.

(2013) Washington County School District, St. George Utah. Led and facilitated training and instruction for all counselors in the district on treatment of depression and anxiety with children and teens, Understanding and Treating Depression & Anxiety in Grades K-12.

(2012) Red Hills Wellness Center, St. George Utah. Led and facilitated wellness workshop for individuals in Southern Utah, Becoming Your Authentic Self.

(2011) Southwestern Region Couples Weekend Relationship Retreat, National MS Society, St. George Utah Marriott Hotel. Led and facilitated as primary marriage and family therapist for the two-day seminar and couples retreat for couples.

(2010) Second Nature San Francisco California Regional Conference – Presented theory and research regarding parent-child relationships. Dealing with resistance, conflict, and addictions reviewed and implications for future analysis conducted.

(2009) Second Nature Chicago Illinois Regional Conference – Presented case studies and intervention methodology on working with addiction and re-authoring the Self. Recommendations on clinical intervention via multiple paradigms to facilitate client change and outcomes presented. Outcomes, conclusions, and recommendations for future research presented.

(2008) Second Nature Costa Mesa California Regional Conference – Presented as primacy lecturer/therapist regarding theory on family systems and the significance of couples clinical work as a function of facilitating their adolescent child’s growth while in a therapeutic program. Marital relationships, communication, and work on the Self presented. Outcomes, conclusions, and recommendations for future research presented.

National Conference Presentations
(2008) NATSAP – Presented research in my lecture as a primary presenter at the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) in Savannah, Georgia, Feb. 2008. Conducted research on adolescents and the change process while enrolled in inpatient outdoor therapeutic treatment. The role of family therapy when coupled with individual treatment was reviewed. Outcomes, conclusions, and recommendations for future research presented.

(2003) AAMFT – Presented research at the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) national conference in Long Beach, California, October 2003. Research conducted regarding couple expectations, retention, and satisfaction with therapeutic process. Implications for practitioners were presented.

Adjunct Faculty Member and Instructor, University of Kentucky

Instructor, Human Sexuality and Intimacy Courses – Academic Year 2004-2005

National Affiliations

Member National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP)

Interests & Hobbies

I grew up in the Northwest in a large family. Much of my time is spent hiking and exploring the outdoors with my wife and kids. Challenge and adventure have always been part of what I enjoy so on a typical week you’ll find me reading new nonfiction literature, hiking a canyon (or planning the next adventure), or playing with my family in a city park. During my personal time I enjoy running, exploring the outdoors, and reading.

Counselor in St. George Utah